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Drafting, Drawing and Rendering Projects

Commercial: Shopping Mall, Nebraska
BluEntBIM Team: 4 Resources | Deadline: 35 days | Area: 22,500 SF
BluEntBIM partnered with a leading architectural firm for the complete refurbishment of two buildings in down town Nebraska, USA. The buildings were to be converted into a high-end 22,560 sq. ft. commercial shopping mall. The initial plans had to be painstakingly researched, along with comprehensive inputs from our clients. BluEntBIM effortlessly picked up from the design development phase, working on the basic plans, elevations, and sections within the stipulated deadline of 35 days.

Commercial: Resto-Bar, Houston
BluEntBIM Team: 4 Resources | Deadline: 45 days | Area: 2,500 SF
Encompassing a floor area of 2,500 sq. ft, the project included 2 restaurants and bars. The ground-floor Bar establishes a street level presence and a point of entry to the Restaurant. Requiring basic detailing, a leading Texas based architectural firm came to BluEntBIM looking for a miracle in 45 days. With a team of 4 architects and drafters, a miracle is what BluEntBIM created, within the required turnaround time.

Commercial: Hotel, Dallas
BluEntBIM Team: 6 Resources | Deadline: 90 days | Area: 100,000 SF
This project was a full fledged commercial hotel integrating green architecture features, like active solar power. BluEntBIM's client, a Dallas based architectural firm, required 25 Xref patterned sheets to be transformed into construction documents for the interiors of six floors, with each floor unique in design. BluEntBIM successfully completed this project well within the limited time period, and also provided code compliance support.

Institutional: Church, Oklahoma
BluEntBIM Team: 3 Resources | Deadline: | 25 days Area: 18,500 SF
Producing commendable output from near-scratch is quite a challenging task, but still a tremendous learning experience. Based on scanned copies of basic schematic designs, our client wanted designing, detailing and sectional documents for their 18,000 sq. ft church. Following a series of conference calls and online meetings later, BluEntBIM finally managed to generate the drafting sheets which also included code analysis ranging from fire resistance to life safety system.

Warehousing: Texas
BluEntBIM Team: 5 Resources | Deadline: 35 days | Area: 10,000 SF
BluEntBIM created a comprehensive CD set for this client within the requisite time limit and of commendable quality. The client needed architectural documentation support for their 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse with attached office, loading docks and parking zones.

Residential: Up-market Villas, New Zealand
BluEntBIM Team: 3 Resources | Deadline: 25 days | Area: 2,275 SF
The homebuilder's pride, this project had a mix of RCC and wooden construction - wood trusses, stone stucco options in elevations, brick/stone water tables etc. The major challenge was putting all these elements in one project and producing one master piece villa of 2,275 sq feet. BluEntBIM created a complete Construction Document set by using the basic design and detailing provided by our client in just 25 days.

Residential: Community Housing, Christchurch, New Zealand
BluEntBIM Team: 7 Resources | Deadline: 15 days | Area: 20,000 SF
This project consisted affordable homes featuring a clubhouse and public area centers. The community featured an indoor basketball half court, computer room, and multi-purpose room for after-school and community activities. BluEnt created the construction documents from Xref pattern input sheets provided by the client in a record time of 15 days.

Residential: Luxury Condominiums, Washington DC
BluEntBIM Team: 5 Resources | Deadline: 21 days | Area: 15,000 SF
This project involved 10 creative loft condominiums along with indoor parking garages. A leading home-builder in the Washington DC entrusted BluEntBIM to handle the construction documentation phase after the initial design and documentation was completed. BluEntBIM successfully handled the challenge, executing it within 3 weeks.

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