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An Innovation for Renovation

Building Information Modeling's popularity maybe growing but its benefits to the renovation business has been left unexplored. Architectural technology is constantly updating. Yet most stakeholders are unaware of the changes and their use. BIM has proven its worth in improving existing building conditions and renovating the old buildings. But, adopting BIM for renovation business is not as easy initially.

The traditional method of renovation requires a lot of documents (2D CAD drawings or construction document sets) and information to develop the building model and provide accurate analysis. If a building demanding renovation is 30 years or older, chances of finding 2D CAD drawings do not exist and the paper documents available would mostly be useless. The growing demands of the building over a period of time must have called for several small installations and modifications which make the original documents, outdated.

BIM is the best solution to preparing the building model of the existing conditions and there is no way that BIM does not have the limitations for renovation figured. There are supportive technologies to build the home building model easily. Laser scanning is one such methodology:

Laser Scanning and BIM

  • 3D Laser Scanning is a technology that allows you to scan the building you want to renovate and it will generate accurate data required for creating a 3D model of the renovation project.
  • 3D Laser Scanning provides all kinds of measurements and highly accurate data needed to create a 3D digital representation of the building, efficiently.
  • 3D Model created after the 3D Laser Scanning is created in an Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file which is highly compatible with all existing standards and can be imported into any design program.
  • After the scan and model building, you now have all the information required to analyze the building without having to spend months on the site reading, comparing and yet not being sure of the accuracy of the data.
  • 3D Laser Scanning's result help you with inputs regarding your project's building performance, energy efficiency, cost savings and how to maintain the building.
  • Once you have done this study and made a BIM model out of it, you can easily feel safe about future renovations.

Smart are those who foresaw the benefits of BIM and now rely on it for all their architectural demands. To go that extra mile of 3D Laser scanning is worth the benefits that can be availed, your entire lifetime.

BluEnt's BIM Approach:

  • We can set up the following teams (3, 5, 10, 20 or more people at our location for you.
  • The team works as an extension of your in-house team.
  • Technical – Creating the Building Information Model, attributing it and sharing it
  • Cultural – Mind change, training, creating BIM environment, move all stakeholders along with

Benefits of BIM Process

  • Once your project has been 'bim-med', you are now sitting in the lap of information on that building. Sharing models, project images and document control are immediately provided to the user for easier analysis.
  • Interoperability. BIM allows you to share all the data extracted and generated, across various applications.
  • BIM is an accuracy based model. It generates absolute accuracy within the margin of 3% max.
  • It saves 80% of the time you would spend if you choose the non-BIM way.
  • BIM helps you detect any kind of clashes and saves you from re-designing hassles.
  • BIM allows you to finish project at the earliest, reducing wastage of resources and time.
  • Turning to BIM helps you to reuse, recycle and remodel old structures easily and it comes far cheaper than constructing a new building.
  • Renovations can be tricky in terms of what materials to use reuse and maintain a long lasting quality. BIM helps you make these calculations, suggest materials as well as their quantity and prevent mismanagement.
  • If used to its potential, BIM saves you time, energy, cost and promises a better building experience.

Be it renovation or improvement of new or old buildings, BIM is the answer to modifications and convenience. Where else would you find a process that generates information for you, analyzes, suggests, allows you to re design as many times and save time and money all through this? BluEnt, a US based architectural drafting firm, understands the importance of BIM and helps the AEC industry in extracting the best potential that exists in BIM. If you haven't yet, then go, get Bim-med! To know more about our Building Information Modeling support services, contact us today

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