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BluEntBIM Implementation Process

BluEntBIM offers you the most unique and efficient approach to fulfill your objectives. We help migrate from CAD to BIM platforms leveraging our industry experts and BIM consultants:

Review the Current Standard and Process: Appoint a BIM consultant to review your current documentation standards and processes.

Step 2
Scope and Plan the BIM Environment: The BluEntBIM consultant, the client and the project team studies the results of the current documentation and drafting process. The process is broken up into modules. Few examples of things we consider are:
  • The BIM Environment: What component of the documentation is repetitive and will require conversion into families, libraries, parametric models etc.
  • Documentation Process: How the responsibility of the documentation process will be divided between the BluEntBIM team and the client's team.
Step 3
Setup Roles and Responsibilities: Identify the team members on the client and BluEntBIM side and define their roles and training needs. Setup a process chart with roles, responsibilities, project schedule, training needs, handover, handshake time and resourcing.

Step 4
Trial and Tested Method: Run a few non priority projects from low to medium complexity.

Revisit: Revisit the plan and make changes after the trial, if needed.

Step- 6
System Implementation: Keep a close eye with the help of BluEntBIM efficiency monitoring tools. Keep increasing the complexities as the efficiency level increases.

BluEntBIM keeps your team productive by keeping their focus on their core competency while providing you with a organized system to work with, and help you in all the drafting and detailing work in Revit.

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