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bim advantages

Advantages of Building Information Modeling

Meaningless intersections between beams and columns and other building elements are all too common in the AEC industry. During a period when profit margins are tighter than ever, these errors eat away at the bottom line. Designers and builders have longed for a technology process that can prevent such losses and construction errors. BIM is the best solution to it!

BluEntBIM provides superior BIM solutions to help designers, developers and contractors make better decisions and mitigate risks. With every project we execute, we strengthen our position as an industry leader. Our architectural BIM services provide the following benefits:

  • Ability to create and evaluate various options and choose the best alternatives
  • Better Coordination in building services
  • Consistent data pool and collision checking
  • Takeoff quantities and cost estimation
  • Extraction for the structural analysis
  • Schedule for component supplies
  • Improved facility management
  • Restoration and Renovation Projects

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