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BIM for Small Firms: Myths, Risks and Solutions

The ever changing technology and the growing demand of BIM call for skilled professionals to extract the complete potential of BIM and the many tools attached with it. Collaborate with BluEnt as your BIM partner!

Building Information Modeling is no more just a process to manage and generate digital representations of a physical aspect of a building. BIM construction management has brought in a new wave in the field of architectural technology. It is increasingly becoming a necessity for AEC professionals and other people involved to adopt the BIM process for faster developments. The growing demand for BIM adoption has coerced small architecture and construction firms too to conform.

The precarious state of the economy has small firms put their guard up. They find security in known spaces and do not want to risk venturing into the new. The biggest hitch for a small firm in adopting BIM comes from the heavy investment and special skills it demands. Small firms find such involvements risky and costly. Despite their calculations, small firms that are not adapting to the changing demands are facing the downside of the economy. It is hard to survive when most building owners are making the shift to BIM for new solutions and substantial renovations.

Construction documentation has begun to depend on BIM for its smart and slip free processes. Contrary to the myth surrounding BIM, it actually helps in bridging gaps between large and small firms instead of creating those gaps. A small team of BIM experts can do wonders on complex projects with the right BIM software. It is all a matter of taking the plunge. 2D Models are everyday being converted to 3D Revit or AutoCAD. For better construction management, along with the technology, the developers too have to stay updated and be able to provide their client the best solutions for their BIM implementations. There are no set rules for implementing BIM. The best can be extracted out of BIM if only you find the right consultants that can recognize your needs and provide solutions accordingly. BluEnt, a Texas based architectural drafting firm is the trusted BIM solutions provider for major architects, owners and contractors in the US, Canada and Australia.

Why to Choose BluEntBIM

  • BluEnt is constantly updating with the changing technology and upgrading their skills as well which makes them a leader in the Construction Management and Documentation industry.
  • BIM processing can be motley and varied, which requires special skills to put it all together. BluEnt's experienced team has handled such cases in the past well and continues to do so.
  • BluEnt works very closely with its clients on a regular basis to understand their requirements clearly and offer solutions that are not only what they are looking for, but suggestions for better development as well.
  • After the scan and model building, you now have all the information required to analyze the building without having to spend months on the site reading, comparing and yet not being sure of the accuracy of the data.
  • BIM processing can be vast and complicated. It requires professional BIM consultancy when it comes to choosing what tool is best suited for your project. BluEnt allots you a Project consultant who would look into your matter and help you decide whether you should convert from 2D CAD to 3D AutoCAD or convert your 2D Model to a Revit model with technical and easy to understand explanations, apart from the many other doubts you may have. BluEnt is also well versed with the various tools and Parametric models offered under the many BIM software alleviating its client's needs.

Professionals in the need for BIM services are mostly unaware of the benefits and potential of BIM. BluEnt has extracted that potential and provided the best solutions to some big projects in US, Canada and Australia. If you haven't yet, then go, get Bim-med! To know more about our Building Information Modeling support services,contact us today

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