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History of BluEnt

We have acquired knowledge and skill since 1942 and have been in this business since 1998. To know more, read our full history:

1998: Group of five people started a consulting practice in the United States with a focus on software application development.

1999: Opened offices in Toronto, Canada and New Delhi India;

2000: Continued focus on software development;

2001: Started branching into professional services and call center consulting;

2002: The BluEnt Brand was formed. Opened offices in New Orleans, Louisiana and expanded professional services division to include Utility / Oil and Gas services.

2003: BluEnt opened its corporate Delaware Office; The Group and all its entities were officially renamed BluEnt.

2003: BluEnt opened its Asia regional Head Office. Acquired a three year old technology business unit from a telecom solution company specializing in Knowledge Management Systems, Collection Management Systems, SMS (Short Messaging Service applications), Ticketing Solutions, Telecom CAD and Web Design solutions.

2004: Architectural Services Division was created with a focus on Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Architectural Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services.

2005: Opened office in Houston, Texas.

2006: Opened a sales office in London, United Kingdom.

2007: Started Building Information Modeling (BIM) services and consulting practice.

2008: Signed a three year partnership with SONY.

2011: Acquired a construction company that has been in existence since 1942 to integrate Information Technology, CAD, BIM and Project Management.

2013: Reopened its Toronto, Canada office and plans to expand to New York.

2014: Opening an office in Manhattan - New York for its IT (Information Technology) Consulting and BIM (Building Information Modeling for Architecture Engineering and Construction - AEC industry) business.

2015: Plans to grow its Dubai, UAE (Middle East) operations and open an office in London, United Kingdom.

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