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Our vision is to grow this enterprise to efficiently serve our customers, vendors and our employees.


BluEnt's mission emphasizes customer satisfaction, technical excellence, client-oriented business competence, employee leadership and organizational growth through motivated human resource.

Core Values

RESPECT: For every opinion, idea and expression
COMMUNICATION: Open and unbiased
INTEGRITY: In conduct, thought and action
TEAMWORK: Common goals in pursuit of excellence
RESPONSIBILITY: For every action, outcome and consequence
INNOVATION: Continuous improvement in our work

What We Believe

BluEntBIM does not believe in a rigid or one dimentional approach to BIM outsourcing services. To ensure that the clients' needs are met, we invite our clients to give feedback and workout a custom solution for their needs. Our metrics provide early warning of potential problems, and our processes give our clients full visibility into root cause analysis and full participation in solving problems. BluEntBIM provides design development support solutions to architectural firms, architects, home builders, real estate developers, engineers and AEC consultants around the world. BluEnt has seamlessly integrated new processes and technologies into our work adding to the knowledge and skill of our team. We understand your requirements and work closely with you from concept development to completion.

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Associations & Partners

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