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BluEnt's Art of Rendering: 3 Incredible Architecture Visualization Styles

Houston; Texas, July 10 2017: The influx of a new generation of designers/architects and the constant technological advancements has caused a stir in the architecture world. This has been revolutionizing the architectural visualization styles, helping the industry to create more realistic architectural renderings and animation. Post the emergence of computer generated 3D objects, which was in the ‘70s – we have seen several new and interesting architectural visualization styles.

Technology has made it possible for the professionals to not only create 3D models but also add life to the renderings. BluEnt’s experts have been able to do so by adding intelligent color combinations, detailed textures, beautiful lighting and building real life scenes, which is easier for their clients to comprehend.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, comments, "The purpose of 3D architectural visualization is to show our clients their future space as though it was already built. The current architectural visualization process at BluEnt is to not only build 3D models but to dramatize the rendering features so that it builds amazingly real life scenarios."

According to BluEnt, these are 3 incredible architectural visualization styles that their experts are using for their customers to create visually appealing scenes and replicate the dramatic true-to-life environments. Email Us Get in touch for your Business Development needs: E-mail:
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The watercolor style:
It is a process where the pencil drawing styles are used to create buildings. It also adopts the process of painting by adding colors, lighting, and shading like the watercolor method. This style allows the plain renderings look more glamorous and sophisticated.

The semi-realistic style:
BluEnt uses this style to create panoramic views. This visualization style helps in creating a dream like feel for both the building and the surroundings. Here, visual effects are used that displays the different moods for the renderings.

The photo-realistic style:
Through this style BluEnt has been able to create the most life-life architectural visualizations. It produces the most realistic renders. By addressing the control of contrast and saturation, the colors tend to look more real. The shadows and lights used in this visualization look super natural connecting perfectly with the light of the background.

These amazing architectural visualization styles and 3D rendering used by BluEnt really makes a difference. With the adoption of these visualization styles, BluEnt leaves no excuses anymore for the architecture industry to not create impressive and unique visualization for the clients.

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