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BluEntBIM's Architectural Modeling Ideology

New York; Monday, October 23rd, 2017: Engineers and architects highly depend upon the renderings and models of the architectural project to assist in their tasks. BluEntBIM shares their ideas on the importance of 3D modeling in the architectural industry.

2D CAD models have their own advantages but they sometimes are unable to accelerate the project’s speed and quality of work. People associated with the projects which are following 2D models usually get delayed and are less probable to find solutions to the difficult situations. 3D models have been used worldwide to enhance the productivity and aesthetics of the designs.

For example, an architect Zaha Hadid designed the 3D model of Guangzhou Opera House in China for the international competition. He conveyed his design concept through 3D CAD modeling and amazed the judges. Email Us Get in touch for your Business Development needs: E-mail:
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BluEntBIM outlines the advantages of 3D CAD models as follows:

Enhances the Speed:

3D models are quite quick in designing the virtual sites in comparison to 2D drawings. This could be beneficial in emergency situations. 3D modeling assures the accurate picture of the project as the designers do not have to spend time on unnecessary errors. This helps in accelerating the project and deliver it on time.


Architects have the liberty to experiment with the 3D models in a way they can’t approach on 2D CAD models. For instance, the designers can validate their design plans and do the amendments on the design in case of errors or issues. An architect gets clear idea of the structure at the modeling stage and does changes in the project if need to. This definitely proves to be a cost-effective if you implement all the changes in the early design stage rather than later.

Shorten the Turnaround Time:

3D models are so accurate and flexible that architects are able to spend lesser time in the design stage. This gives them more time to focus on other areas of the project. Also, this helps in decreasing the re-work chances and saves budget.

About BluEntBIM

Headquartered in Lewes, Delaware, BluEntBIM specializes in 3D rendering and modeling services. BluEnt has also mastered in CAD & Revit drafting solutions, BIM construction documentation, CAD services, AutoCAD to Revit conversion, and BIM consulting services around the globe.

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