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BluEntBIM lays out Documentation Management Tips for Construction Management

Lewes, Delaware – Monday, September 4th, 2017: Every construction project is a pond of information and crucial data to build the final structure. Imagine, if you end up building the design upside down due to the silly mistake of not managing the documentation. Documentation Management is a very analytical process and needs to be maintained from 00:00 hour of the project. BluEntBIM has shared the most practical tips helpful for the success of the project: Email Us Get in touch for your Business Development needs: E-mail:
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  1. Architects and construction engineers at the working site should have easy availability to all the documents necessary for their job. It can be available to them through any software tools, hardcopy paper copies or network drive. If the team at the construction site doesn’t have the correct specification of the designs, drawings, inspection test plan or quality control plan, they either won’t be able to work or they will go ahead without the plan.
  2. Construction could be a tedious job filled with lots and lots of information in various areas. It becomes very important to tie the information file under its relevant job. It avoids unnecessary efforts of people to locate the documents. If not, the employees might get confused with the huge pool of documents and assume them to be under the wrong set of files.
  3. The team at the construction site should always be informed after any changes have been made to any document, specifications or drawings. If the team hasn’t been informed at right time, the construction would continue as per the old drawings. To avoid such silly mistakes, there should be a firm process to follow this point.
  4. Documents should be circulated on the project site through one source. Project managers, engineers, and stakeholders should not create multiple levels for distributing the final plan on site. This creates a complicated process and increases the risk of errors.
As these points sound easy and quite doable, people usually get over-confident and avoid few points here and there. There have been many cases where professionals have witnessed the loss of time and money on restoration work because the construction team at the site went ahead with the wrong drawings or unapproved materials.

Documentation Management is as important as creating one. All members of the senior managements should have strict rules and habits for handling the documents on site.

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