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BluEntBIM outlines the value of 360º Panorama Image in Architectural World

New York; Monday, November 6th, 2017: Importance of 360 degree panoramic images is increasing exponentially in today's architectural world. In this constantly emerging environment of technology, 360º panoramic renderings are mostly treated as the ‘cherry on top’ of the whole architectural renderings package crafted by the architectural designers. It definitely stands out in the presentation of an idea very effectively.

There are numerous advantages of viewing 3D interior & exterior 360 degree renderings which have evolved the facet of architecture. The riveting quality of 360º panorama image creates an enticing presentation for the architectural clients. Nevertheless, the 360º panorama images have promising potential to enhance the architectural designer’s everyday design quality and quantity. It mostly does not require expensive setup and time if performed systematically. Email Us Get in touch for your Business Development needs: E-mail:
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Sajeel Khanna, SVP at BluEntBIM Delaware shares "Most of our clients are unable to visualize the spatial set up of the renderings as they have limited experience in the visualizing an architecture as we have evolved from an era of blueprints. Therefore, creating renderings gives them a great opportunity to visualize space and intricacies of the future architecture. This can clearly give an idea about the interior and materiality of the design. However, it still lags because you cannot describe the space of the area using 2D images instead of 3D. This signifies the importance of 360-degree panoramic rendering."

360 degree panoramic image takes the viewer directly into the architectural space and in the actual setting. This elaborates more on the specific details like the height of the wall, the distance among two objects, size of the center table and orientation around the space as the viewer rotates the screen 360 degrees. A designer usually manipulates the rendering images via using wide-range lenses to showcase a wider design of the scene which depicts a real-like image to the human eyes. Humans cannot capture as much area with their eyes in real life. So, the panorama image helps in processing the size and distance of the space. When panorama image meets with virtual reality, it brings out the real-life environment which automatically sells the architectural design. This also helps the architects and stakeholders to take faster and intuitive decisions in favor of the design.

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Headquartered in Lewes, Delaware, BluEntBIM specializes in 3D rendering and modeling services. BluEnt has also mastered in virtual tours and 3D panoramic renderings. Start upgrading your designs and make improved design decisions faster.

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