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How Virtual Reality (VR) in 3D interior design rendering is transforming design trends in AEC Industry

Houston; Texas, August 7th 2017: Virtual reality is changing the possibilities of interior design rendering in the AEC industry. Virtual reality (VR), once perceived to be futuristic, has slowly become a reality and a part of big stories in construction and design processes.

Today, VR is a popular tool all around the globe. Introduction of the VR goggles for the users such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens and Google Cardboard is proof enough that VR is being stretched to many different fields and not just confined to the entertainment zone. Email Us Get in touch for your Business Development needs: E-mail:
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BluEntBIM emphasizes on 3 main benefits of integrating VR for 3D interior design rendering techniques

VR magic: Real people interacting with real-world scenarios
VR enables clients to interact with 3D models in a very real way. When VR is implemented, people can experience real-world scenarios giving both designer and the clients a higher clarity on what the space realistically offers and how well it connects with their pre-defined visions.

The 'blunt' feedback process: no heavy revisions
This kind of interaction also ensures a clear and more straight-forward feedback from clients. They are able to experience the design intricacies and differentiate between what works and what doesn't on a finer level.

This enables them to communicate more bluntly on areas for improvisation. Designers can then incorporate these feedbacks into the final 3D interior blueprint. This best practices drastically reduces the time and resources used by cutting down on multiple revisions and back and forth communication. The designers and architects are able to make real time changes, giving clients a more specific picture of what really fits in their dream spaces.

The safety factor doubled: a more efficient process
VR is also being used as a training tool for the new construction workers in the Industry. They can learn about different materials used at every stage, clash detections and do the walkthroughs without directly facing the hazards. VR as an integral part of construction project has been enabling the real construction at the property sites to be very effectual and extremely safe.

According to Sajeel Khanna, SVP, BluEntBIM, "To stay ahead of the game in the AEC industry adopting the latest technological tools and processes is crucial. Virtual Reality is a welcoming change and given its immense benefits, it can offer tremendous transformations if implemented the right way."

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