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Importance of Defining Specifications During Construction Process

New York – Monday, September 18th, 2017: Specifications play a wider role in shaping any construction contract in AEC industry. Quality completely relies on the specification’s clarity. BluEntBIM shares about their take on the importance of specifications in construction papers and guidelines to write them.
Errors in specifications lead to legal route against the problem as most of the construction project has a legal value attached to it. This explains the gravity of the importance of specifications. Most of the conflicts arise due to incorrect or ambiguous information mentioned in the documents.  One always need to follow the main principle guidelines to avoid conflicts are as follows: Email Us Get in touch for your Business Development needs: E-mail:
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  • Language and structure of the documents should be clear and verified to avoid confusions. Specification about the construction material such as composition ratio, methods to prepare, size and quality of material etc. Even specific details regarding the testing & treating material before the construction should also be specified clearly.
  • All requirements about each division should be explained transparently and in chronological order. Every step should be logically specified and checked to avoid any miss outs.
  • Repetition of the requirements are advised to be avoided as it might create confusion and unclarity. Specially, in cases when alteration in the documents is required and one mistakenly fails to alter all the repetitive sentences.
  • Equipment and tools should be defined clearly in the construction documentation for arranging the plant and machinery before the plan starts. It should also clearly convey about who is arranging the tools whether it to be contractor or owner.
  • The specification should follow the construction process. The construction process should be in ascending order similar to the followed working schedule. For instance, excavation should be detailed before setting foundation.
Keeping error free specification is quite a task, but achievable if prepared thoroughly and attentively.

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