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Trends in construction documentation dominating the Industry in 2017

Houston; Texas, May 18, 2017: The construction industry places a lot of focus on architectural documents. Content and document management is key to carrying out every construction project successfully. Over the last decade, the advent of technology and digitization has changed the way the sector operates. Every segment in the construction industry is now technologically driven. This is true even with regards to the quintessential construction documentation process. BluEntCAD; specialists in creating construction drawings, have seen immense high tech leaps in management of drawings and information in the construction sector.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, BluEntCAD, comments, “The transition to digital documentation has completely changed the way construction documentation projects are carried out. Though it was a somewhat painful transformation, the drastic changes we have noticed in terms of time and resource saving have been tremendous.” Email Us Get in touch for your Business Development needs: E-mail:
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With newer features added to make construction technology feasible for all builders, we observe trends in the industry annually. Here are the top 3 construction documentation trends that are currently dominating the architecture industry:

Construction Documentation Trend 1: Accessing information on multiple devices
With high speed internet connectivity and robust smartphone devices, construction workers and professionals can communicate and access architectural documents anytime and anywhere. This means that they are abreast with modifications, updates, revision and errors via any mobile device. Also, the offsite supervisors and engineers can track and monitor the construction progress in real time and compare that with the construction documentation blueprints. This allows the project to move faster.

Construction Documentation Trend 2: Retrieve information anywhere, anytime with Cloud Services
Cloud Computing Technology has taken the construction industry by storm. Constructech’s 2011 IT survey brought to light the growing momentum of mobile technology on the job sites. Nearly 81% of the survey respondents use their smartphones, 69% use laptops and 26% use tablets. When facilitated by Cloud computing software, there is smooth accessibility, scalability, and lower costs. These create a flawless document management solution for both small and large construction projects. Cloud computing ensures that necessary documents, drawings and information are available at anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Sajeel remarks, "There are cloud-enhanced processes that are revolutionizing the way our construction documents are stored and managed. The information and drawings can be accessed anywhere allowing our professionals to generate a faster turnaround of versions."

Construction Documentation Trend 3: Creating Consolidated Project Progress Reports
With all the information of a construction project being collaborated on, in a single environment, every minute detail of the project is available to the professionals and the clients. All of this is possible with better access to stored construction documents, CRM software that run on high internet connectivity and data management systems in place. Sajeel mentions, "We have a lot of revisions that takes place for every project. All the changes made to design or data stored in a single system of record. This gives us a higher visibility and result of the entire project."

One of the most dynamic benefits perceived through these trends in construction documentation is the quick and easy accessibility to 'right' information available to everyone involved in the project, at any given point in time - from the entire project team to the clients. Sajeel adds, "With the construction industry going paperless, the fundamentals of the construction project has undergone a tremendous change. This is where the true potential strengths and exploits of digital construction era is being actualized."

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