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Designing and Developing Revit Model for Residential Villas

Fountainhead is a group of motivated and experienced professionals that deal in various aspects of the real estate industry like project marketing, liaison, consultancy, financing and so on. Having grasped the nuances of the real estate market, Fountainhead is well positioned to hand pick projects and promoters, and aid them in achieving balanced business solutions.

BluEnt Steps In

BluEnt and Fountainhead collaborated on an interesting residential project series which required sudden Revit modeling development and CAD to Revit conversion support. Fountainhead decided to hire BluEnt to free up designers' time so that they can focus on being creative rather than being bogged down with documentation works.

Fast Facts

  • A residential project of 6 villas
  • Each villa with 6 bedrooms, swimming pool and 2 car parking spaces
  • Input was received in CAD
  • Too many changes from the client side
  • Quick Turnaround - 3 months for 6 villas


  • CAD to Revit conversion
  • Develop Revit model of 6 villas
  • Delivered in CAD and Revit
  • A dedicated team and constant working support for drafting projects


Fountainhead was happy working with our drafting team. Our team produced exactly what they required in terms of quality. BluEnt eased their complications, while allowing Fountainhead’s design team to concentrate on the various other aspects of designing. Constant communication, review and quick changes led to a smoother and faster process from both ends making the project a success.

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